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In the following blog post, I would like to pitch about a project I am working on and that is very dear to me.

Spectacle Online – The Visual Presentation Tool

Ever happened to be in a meeting when all attendees were looking at your phone screen when you showed them your latest design or product mockup? Smartphones, tablets, WiFi, Internet are ubiquitous these days. Get them connected. Share a link. You control what’s on the display. They follow. This is Spectacle.

Spectacle Online Use Cases

  • Designers and content creators: Spectacle Online puts people together at the same table. Everyone can review, comment, rank and promote to the next approval levels. The only thing you should bring with you is … a browser.
  • Conferences and presentations: Not only it manages large numbers of presenters and presentations, it turns your mobile in a fully featured remote and uses HTML elements to enhance non-linear presentations.
  • Education: Spectacle Online does it all in education. It can act as an individual display, you can pull-push courses and materials, whether you are in or out the aula. You don’t have to miss any class anymore.
  • Digital interactive signage: This is purely automated presentations. Content is being created and pushed to displays worldwide. This is truly the best global signage system. Display in Paris, New York, and Singapore at the same time and control instantly.
  • Customer care and support: Spectacle Online lives symbiotically with other web apps and pages. Pull a frame on your App and start personalized support instantly. This is perfect for tourist companies, hospitality in-room service providers, brides shops and so much more.

How It Works?

  1. Create scenarios, attach to displays, and share.
  2. Scenarios are simple media files for the time being and we are working gradually to accommodate more and more types of visuals.
  3. Scenarios run on displays.
  4. Displays are live, interactive broadcasts.
  5. Easy share. Some control it. Some just follow.



Below is Spectacle Online in action. Browse the slides. You may ask a friend to follow on a different computer, tablet or phone, same room or remote… The presentation URL is https://spectacle-online.herokuapp.com/displays/portfolio?token=blog-link.

For the Geeks

The tech stack in use is composed of:

  • Meteor – JS framework tailored for real-time apps
  • Blaze – the de-facto frontend of Meteor (while adding new compoents to React)
  • Cloudinary – for image storage and transformations
  • MongoDB – the database of choice of Meteor
  • Cordova for packaging the app as native on your Android or iPhone

Let’s get in touch

Interested in Spectacle Online or would you like a custom app based on the technology presented? Let’s get in touch via email (mine is silviu at bojica dot com) or leave a comment below.

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